Welcome to St. MM&M's

Service Times:

Sunday (English) 8:30 am and 10:30 am
Sunday (Spanish) 12:30 pm

What to Expect


Faith journeys can be confusing; sometimes it's easy to believe and other times, not so much. And you know what? That's o.k.! You will find lots of ways to be "fed" on your spiritual journey here at St. M&M. Deepen your knowledge of Christianity or explore different ways to pray and engage God...you can find it here.

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Your tweens and teens can find ways to grow in their faith too. St. M&M provides many fun and exciting ways for our youth to learn about the love of God and help them to love others in God's name.

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Sunday Service Volunteers

It takes a village - well in this case quite a few volunteers to make our Worship experience what it is. Want to be on our Audio-Visual team? Like arranging flowers? Do you love talking to people? There are so many ways to help out that we are sure you can find a place.

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Reaching Out

Loving others - that's the whole point. If our Christian faith does not help us to walk in the way of Love that Jesus taught then what's the point? St. M&M has a long history of being the hands and feet of Christ in the world today. Discover some of the ways you can love God by serving others.

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Our Stories

Living a Christian life isn't easy. It sounds easy, but loving your neighbor can be challenging. (Like loving the person who just cut you off in traffic - who wants to love THEM right? Being a part of a community of faith reminds us that we aren't alone - that others are trying to love just like we are...and by sharing our stories we learn and help each other.

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