We believe

In the way of Love that Christ taught

First and foremost, we are disciples of Jesus Christ. We believe in the one God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • We believe in a loving, liberating, and life-giving God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in following the example and teachings of Jesus Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection saved the world.
  • We are members of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida, and as constituent members of the Anglican Communion, we are descendants of the Church of England and the Scottish Episcopal Church. Considering our membership in the worldwide Anglican Communion, we are part of the third largest group of Christians in the world.
  • We have a legacy of inclusion, aspiring to tell and exemplify God’s love for every human being; women and men serve as bishops, priests, and deacons in our church. Laypeople and clergy cooperate as leaders at all levels of our church. Leadership is a gift from God and can be expressed by all people in our church, regardless of sexual identity, orientation, race, culture, or ethnicity
  • We believe God loves you – no exceptions.
The Bible

"Blessed Lord, who caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning: Grant us so to hear them, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them" (Book of Common Prayer, p. 236). Scripture is our foundation. We believe that scripture, understood through tradition and reason, contains all things necessary for salvation. We read and reflect on four  passages from both the Old and New Testaments in each worship service. Approximately 70% of the Book of Common Prayer comes directly from the Bible. Episcopalians read more Holy Scripture in Sunday worship than almost any other Christian denominations. 

The Book of Common PRayer

The Book of Common Prayer is a treasure chest full of devotional and teaching resources for individuals and congregations, but it is also the primary symbol of our unity. We, who are many and diverse, come together in Christ through our worship, our common prayer.


“In him you have brought us out of error into truth, out of sin into righteousness, out of death into life” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 368). As Episcopalians, we are followers of Jesus Christ, and both our worship and our mission are in Christ’s name. In Jesus, we discover that God is love, and through baptism, we share in his victory over sin and death.  


“Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body, the Church” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 298). In the waters of baptism, we are reminded that we belong to God and nothing can separate us from the love of God. We also find ourselves part of an extended family, one with Christians throughout the ages and across the world, what we call the “one, holy, catholic [meaning 'universal'], and apostolic Church.” 


"We thank you ... for assuring us in these holy mysteries that we are living members of the Body of your Son, and heirs of your eternal kingdom" (Book of Common Prayer, p. 366). It goes by several names: Holy Communion, the Eucharist (which literally means "thanksgiving"), mass. This is the family meal for Christians and a foretaste of the heavenly banquet. All persons who have been baptized are part of the Church's extended family  and are welcome to receive the bread and wine to be in communion with God and each other.

Spiritual Growth

"Lord, make us instruments of your peace. Where there is hatred, let us sow love" (Book of Common Prayer, p. 833). The promises we make in our Baptismal Covenant are reminders that we are not yet perfect, that we are called to move deeper in our faith and make a difference in our world. We do so together as the church, always professing that we will indeed live into our baptismal vows as followers of Christ, but always “with God’s help."

The Power of God's Love

Father Lee Davis | May 19, 2024

On Pentecost we celebrate the fact that: "The breath of God, which is His love, resides within each of us and has given us the power to be agents... More