Kids Faith Center @ St. MM&M

space for your child to discover a relationship with God

The Kids' Faith Center @ St. MM&M

Please note that due to COVID safety measures our Kids' Faith Center is on hold.

Boring...repetitive...drag my kids to church...Not at our Kids' Faith Center! Our Kids Faith Center is open to your preschool and elementary-aged kids. It is designed to be tons of fun while giving direction and space for your child to discover a relationship with God. A relationship based on the LOVE of God and all of God's creation. Every lesson invites kids to become a part of Biblical storytelling in wonderfully imaginative ways.

Sundays at the Kids' faith center

Short attention span? Can't sit still very long? At our Kids' Faith Center we understand the need to use interactive Biblical storytelling methods to keep their attention. Our preschool class begins at 10 am and meets in our preschool building classroom. Parents are invited to join in the first part or hang out together over coffee. Learn more about our curriculum and methods below.

The fun continues in our Kids' Faith Center for your elementary school children. Interactive storytelling methods put your kids in the middle of the action. Our curriculum helps your kids grow in their faith while engaging them in the way they learn best. The elementary class begins at 10 am and meets in the parish hall. Parents are welcome to join in the first half or grab some coffee and hang out in the library.

About halfway through the worship service, after we share the sign of peace, your children will join you in the sanctuary for Holy Communion. We want your kids to experience the grace and nourishment of this Holy sacrament from a young age. Our family, our church congregation, grows stronger when they are present.

Join the Story

Our curriculum

We believe we are actors in a great story...the story of God! Our “Go!” curriculum invites your children to join in that story. No matter how they learn best, their faith is nurtured in wonderfully imaginative ways using innovative Biblical storytelling methods.

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Learning Methods

Every few weeks, our "GO!" curriculum uses a different theme. These themes are built around a kids' Bible storytelling method that puts them in the middle of all the action. Each method is designed to be interactive and fun, utilizing a variety of different learning styles. Our Kids Faith Center is always fresh and engaging.

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Through the "Journey Today Show" (JTS) kids learn how to apply each week's lesson to their lives. It also serves as a fun and exciting video devotional that families can use to grow in their faith together. This in conjunction with our online parent portal gives you all the resources you need to worship and learn together.

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Kids' Faith Center Staff and Volunteers

Vestry Clerk / Outreach Ministry/Kids Faith Center

mobile: (954) 821-8761

Preschool Director

office: (954) 753-1400

mobile: (954) 515-8521

Kids Faith Center, Human Resources

mobile: (954) 801-9585



Keep on the lookout! We will post Kids' Faith Center lessons here soon!

Volunteer for the Kids Faith Center

Youth Group Mentor

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Help our youth build community and enter into mature conversations about their faith.

Kids Faith Center

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Facilitates classes in our Kids' Faith Center with our "Go!" Curriculum.