Serving @ St. MM&M's and Beyond

using your gifts to walk in "The Way of Love"

We are one body with  many gifts

Jesus' life showed us what is important and Christ left us with the command to love one another.

Just as I have loved youyou must also love one another” (John 13:34).

Each of us has been given skills, gifts, hobbies,  and things that we love to do - all of these can, and should be used to fulfill our purpose of loving ourselves, God, and others. At St. MM&M there are many ways to serve in the church, in the community, and in the world.

Need helping in discovering your gifts and how they can be used to serve others? Or, do you have an idea for a new ministry? We can help.

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Helping the Homeless THrough Our Father's House

The Our Father’s House Soup Kitchen is dedicated to serving God’s precious poor and homeless by preparing and serving a full-course hot lunch and providing a take-out bag with a sandwich and other goodies for later in the day. Members of St. MM&M help to put together hundreds of take-out bags for distribution as well as deliver bottled water and clothing items.

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Audit Committee

Every year the church is required to audit our finances to ensure good stewardship of our resources. This team helps with the audit.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Don't worry! We can help you find a place or help you create a new opportunity...just reach out and let us help you to discover where you can find true "joy" in service.

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Eucharistic Visitors

A sacred ministry to those who are not able to come to receive Holy Communion at a worship service. In doing so, they form special and sacred bonds with those they visit.

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Lay Readers/Lectors

Open to men and women, adults and youth. Members of this ministry read scripture in worship and some are trained and licensed to conduct certain public worship services,

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Camerata di Magdalena

A group of young musicians dedicated to the study and performance of European and Baroque music. Their performances raise money for “The Holy Grill, “ a food truck that feeds the homeless.

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