Love Your Neighbor

by Janice Villiers on March 10, 2023

Eucharistic Visitors Practicing “Love Your Neighbor”

 Eucharistic Visitors Practicing “Love Your Neighbor”

Our team of Eucharistic visitors at St. MM&M is excited about a new ministry designed to continue glorifying God and the care for God’s people. As it turned out, “The Monarch at Coconut Creek,” a community whose purpose is to offer exceptional memory care and engaging opportunities for individuals living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, is the home of the mother of a parishioner. The facility invited us to conduct a communion service for their residents. After accepting the invitation, we met with the residents this past Tuesday, March 7th for a communion service and to address some of their spiritual needs and interests. Our service included prayers, music, and communion. Our fellowship was done lovingly, with much gratitude, and included twenty residents and aides, and a few family members. We were so well received that our team of Mother Diana Garcia, Jean O’Sullivan, Janice, and Howard Villiers were invited to host future services.  We hope some members of the congregation will join the Eucharistic Visitor team and we will be able to expand this ministry to other facilities.

 To God be the glory, today and always!

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