Santiago needs your help

Local mother and her newborn son need help with baby supplies. Introducing Santiago...

by Father Lee Davis on January 07, 2022

Will you join in helping Santiago?

Let me introduce you to Santiago. Over the last several months I have been providing counseling to a local woman. One of the greatest joys came when she told me she was pregnant and looked forward to the day when I could baptize her future child. On December 30th at 4:33 pm Santiago was born, 8 weeks early. He's currently still in the NICU unit but is improving each and every day. He has not needed any oxygen and is taking most of his feedings from a bottle although they are using a feeding tube for some of his feeds to ensure he is getting all the calories he needs. He was 5.1 oz a birth, lost some weight but is now gaining and the doctors and nurses say he is doing well. His mother describes him as a "little slice of perfection!"

Santiago's mother lost her job about a week before he was born. His father is working but the loss of income and Santiago's early arrival has put a strain on the family. I have provided some financial assistance through my discretionary account, but I am hoping that we can help provide some much-needed baby supplies as they prepare to bring Santiago home for the first time. If you are able to help Santiago, the family would welcome diapers, formula, baby wipes...whatever you can offer to help ease the burden on this young family. Donations may be dropped off at the church office and I will make sure they are delivered to Santiago and his parents.


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