Every Child Matters

January 06, 2022

A cord of three strands is not easily broken – Ecclesiastes 4:12

             Tony did not want to see his nieces and nephews placed into the foster care system when his sister was going through a difficult time, so he agreed to become their foster father for a time. Despite his status as the sole income-earner for his family, he knew it would still be a better situation for the children. Thankfully, his caseworker connected him to CarePortal. Discovering Tony’s immediate need, a CarePortal member church was able to pay the $500 on the credit card that Tony used to purchase what the children needed. Tony shared that CarePortal made him realize that there are actual people who care, it helped him to feel heard, and – perhaps best of all – it gave him hope. “It’s a computer,” Tony says, “but it’s a heart, it’s a soul behind that computer.”

            CarePortal is a technological platform that the Foster Youth Program will be used to enable their volunteers to be made aware of and connect with the children in our community who need care. Millions of children across our nation need help of some kind. Millions of people truly want to help but might not know-how. CarePortal bridges the gap, connecting families, community members, and churches to provide the best possible care for these vulnerable and precious children.

            How exactly does CarePortal work? Created by the Global Orphan Project in 2015, CarePortal allows caseworkers to submit requests on the platform for assistance based on needs that they have discovered. Any individual, church, or agency registered on the platform will see the requests in their area, enabling them to respond at just the right moment. From the website: “CarePortal creates connections within the Circles of Care around the isolated child. Families, churches, and communities are brought together to create a healthy approach to caring for kids. Because EVERY child matters.”

 A few members of our Foster Care Committee have already completed training for CarePortal and will soon be able to fully participate in it. What exciting possibilities this platform will open up as we strive to effectively engage with our communities to care for those children who need us most!

For more of Tony’s story (as well as additional testimonials), visit https://www.careportal.org

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