A Mother Shares...

After hearing about St. MM&M's campaign to relieve medical debt, a woman shares her story and makes a surprising gift.

May 02, 2022

A Heartwrenching Experience turns into a Heartfelt Gift

On Sunday, May 1st, 2022 the parish of St. Mary Magdalene and St. Martin launched a campaign to raise money to eliminate medical debt in their local community with the parish matching up to $10,000. You can find out more about their campaign, including how to help by following this link. The following is a letter that St. MM&M received.

When my daughter was sick, in the space of 4 years, she had 14 surgeries and I couldn't keep up with the bills. She was unable to work, so I worked two jobs to try to at least pay for her prescriptions. I used up every dime in my retirement savings, refinanced my house several times, and cut corners everywhere I could, but it wasn't enough. I was so tired that I used to pray to get stuck in traffic so I could shut my eyes for a few minutes. I believe I did what any mom would have done in my shoes.When she died, she had $1.3 million in unpaid medical bills. If I could have had even a few dollars a week to be able to use towards bills, it would have been such a relief. Before each surgery, my daughter and I prayed. I used to pray for her healing and the surgeons to get her through - she on the other hand used to pray that she wouldn't wake up from recovery so that I wouldn't have to work so hard. My heart still breaks when I think of that.

I am enclosing a check for $10,000, perhaps this will allow the people of St. Mary Magdalene and St. Martin to raise even more money so that more people could find a bit of relief. I hope my story will inspire others to give.

God Bless the community of St. Mary Magdalene and St. Martin.

St. MM&M is humbled by the generosity of this woman, and we will continue to raise funds to purchase and forgive even more medical debt in our area.

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