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Kandy Griffith

Preschool Teacher

Office: (954) 743-1400

    Mrs. Kandy has been a welcome addition as a teacher at St Mary Magdalene Preschool since August of 2007. She is a natural with the children. Kandy says, she enjoys teaching and also learning right along with the children. “When the children grasp the concept you are teaching them their excitement rubs off on you. I thoroughly love coming to work! The atmosphere here at St Mary Magdalene is one of encouragement, excitement and lots of love!” Kandy enjoys teaching so much that she home schooled all four of her daughters. While Mrs. Kandy’s children were being home schooled, we were grateful that they had the opportunity to volunteer at our preschool.  Mrs. Kandy feels blessed that not only did she get to be part of such a wonderful school, but that her daughters did as well and now she has another generation here, her grandchildren!!

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